Romantic Couple -Awesome Photography

 College in session, we going turn this room into a campus
I don't need parental permission to take advantage of your body,
You's a hottie

So just forget about whatever you thought you knew
Girl I'm a teach you bout love making, love making
Til I have your legs shaking, legs shaking
I'll teach you real romance 1 O 1
I'm a teach you real romance 1 O 1
Come and get the romantic education, girl
Let me show ya

 Go on and work yo magic,
Make my problem disappear, call that favorite mathematics
I'm a addict, friendly for love, a hopeless romance
Imagine me diving deep in your ocean like the Atlantic
Your body so cold, you're sinking my Titanic
Kiss you bellow your zero, going in like a savage

Won't you let me be your teacher?
Honey I ain't know you deeper
It's a couple things you gotta learn
I'm a be the one to show you first

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Mallu Hot Beauty in Half Saree- Natural Smile.

Use a natural smile.

Nothing can ruin a photo faster than a fake smile. Forced
emotion will make the photo look just that - forced. Ignore your possible insecurities
and smile naturally.

Always smile with your teeth. People with crooked, yellowed, or somehow
imperfect teeth can have the tendency to want to try and smile with their mouths
closed to cover them up.

 Don’t do this - natural smiles always show teeth. For your
portrait to look real, bare your teeth a bit, even if only through parted lips.
When possible, have someone make you laugh.

Real laughter produces some of
the most beautiful photos and keeps you from having to think about your smile.
Wet your lips before smiling, either by licking them or applying lip balm.

This will
prevent any unsightly cracks and will add a little more light to your face.

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Model Uravashi posing Camera for the First Time

Focus on the eyes. The camera should literally be focused on the eyes, but the
composition of the portrait should also draw the viewer to the eyes of the model as

Keep your eyes closed for the few seconds before the photo is taken, to help avoid
blinking mid-shot.
Keep your eyes wide open, without looking scared. Avoid droopy eyelids which
give a sleepy appearance.

If you want to look to the side, avoid looking fully away from the camera. This will
close the eyes more and make mostly only the whites viewable. Instead, look to the
side only slightly off-center.

The eyebrows are equally as important as the eyes in conveying emotion, so make
sure that both are relaxed and match what they are expressing.

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