Surekhavani-Telugu Anchor-Transparent Saree-Profile-Biography

 Surekha Vani is basically from Vijayawada. She feels lucky to have a very interesting childhood there. Her father is a business man; and mom, a housewife.

 During school days, Surekha Vani was a busy participant in cultural programs. When in 8th class, she took up anchoring for children programs on the local cable TV in Vijayawada. That way, Surekha Vani became a popular person in the city and felt thrilled when people started recognizing her as an anchor.
After Intermediate, Surekha Vani took up anchoring as a profession. Slowly, she got opportunities in films.

Surekha Vani got married so early, have a 7-year-old daughter now, but she could consolidate in her profession.

After working in local cable channels in Vijayawada, Surekha Vani along with her husband who was working in Hyderabad in Maa TV.

Later, along with him, Surekha Vani did programs like Maa Talkies, Heart Beat and the like. But, the program which got her instant recognition was Moguds Pellams with Sivaji Raja directed by her husband.

Surekha Vani never showed big interest to join films. Till date, of her debut film is yet to release.
 True to her real life role, Surekha Vani played an anchor in Tiger Harishchandra Prasad.
Surekha Vani says’ I look older than I look on the screen. I am never after glamour roles,’

Of late, Surekha Vani got opportunities to do solo-heroine roles, but she didn’t show much interest. The so-called craze for heroines is limited to a few years as she believes, that a character artiste will have longevity in the field.

Later, Surekha Vani accepted Ravi Teja film Badra, and it got a good name. From that project onwards she took up acting as profession.
 So far, Surekha Vani finished 48 films.

Surekha Vani fortune got a thud with “Chitti Naidu’s mother” role. It is hilarious. That was a hit role after Brahmanandam’s McDonald Murthy.


Allam Vellulli
Namo Venkatesa
Betting Bangarraju
Ye Maaya Chesaave
Evaraina Epudaina
Ganesh Just Ganesh
Ullasamga Utsahamga
Dubai Seenu
Seenugadu.. Chiranjeevi Fan

Name            : Surekha Vani
Profession     : Anchor and character Artist
Debut Movie : Badra

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Actress Iniya Malayalam movies hot stills....

Samanthas RED HOT LIPS-Lovely Eyes at the PARTY

 You see these red wine lips - SAMANTHA
Tamil and Telugu Super cute actress
 I didn’t dream up this

 I’m always restless first at this sight
We’re all dreamers you know
I’ve always wanted more RED
than I could ever hold

And I know that it’s a fine line
But I know that I’ve got time

Oh, how could a steeple made of ceiling wax
Ever need fall down?

Remember we had it all
Every belly and ball
But just all ever
I wanted more

And well I sure got that
Yeah I killed that cat
But I hope one fine day
I’ll stop looking back at SAMANTHA

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Diddy Enjoying Sunbathing Hot Cute Beauties

Diddy - King of Hip Hop 
 He's the richest star in hip hop, with Forbes magazine putting his worth at $550million.

But, as Diddy found out yesterday, it takes more than a yacht and a few mansions to impress the beauties of St Barts.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs, 43, was seen scratching his head in apparent surprise as a whole row of sunbathing beauties ignored the star strolling past on the Caribbean isle.
Looking for a date? P Diddy scratches his head as he eyes up a row of sleeping sunbathing beauties on the beach in Gustavia in St Barts

Looking for a date? P Diddy scratches his head as he eyes up a row of sleeping sunbathing beauties on the beach in Gustavia in St Barts
 Sorry Diddy, they're sleeping! The hip hop star strolls by unntoiced by the girls

 The women, in their teens and twenties, lay in a row, showing off their figures in an array of brightly coloured bikinis.

But rather than being excited about the celebrity walking close to their towels, they simply yawned and continued to tan.

Their reaction seemed to leave Diddy bemused.(observing deeply)

Better luck next time! Diddy gives up and moves on

After walking as close to the girls as politely possible - at least without actually hopping onto their towels - he appeared to give up and turned back the way he came.

Of course it may not be that Diddy's star has faded - most of the beauties seemed to be resting their eyes, if not asleep.

Luckily for Diddy he received a much warmed welcome elsewhere - with his children delighting in their father's company.

You can Read

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Meghna Raj Hot Navel Stills....

Bring Sunny Leone Movie CD This Christmas

 Let's Go and Enjoy!
Have a Big Time!
Merry Christmas Everybody!

Put down video games,
Pick up some candy canes like Sunny Leone
And hang a wreath on your Bedroom door
Give back to those who need some flowers and roses
Bring peace and harmony
Cause that's what Christmas is for

And this Christmas is Christmas
We'll celebrate a wonderful year

Ohh this Christmas (it's Christmas)
It's Christmas (it's Christmas)
We'll decorate the halls with love and cheer

We can make a beautiful Christmas
We can make the world shine bright
As long friends and family are with us
Every star will shine tonight with Hot Actress Sunny leone
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Beautiful Chinese Super Cute Actresses 2012

 Chinese girls are one of the most beautiful and prettiest in the world. They have exotic looks, beautiful delicate sharp facial features, beautiful perfect yellowish porcelain skin and are very smart & lovely. This post features China’s top 35 most beautiful ladies, enjoy and provide us your feedback through comments section. Let’s start with No. 1...
1. Chen Hao: is a Chinese actress and model. Chen Hao was first noticed in China award winning movie “Postman in the Mountains” in 1998. Her young talent was vastly recognized and was giving chances to act in a few other movies and tv dramas. Chen Hao is beautiful and lovely celebrity.

 2. Xu Jing Lei: is an actress and director most famous in mainland China

 3. He Mei Tian: is a Chinese actress, and a former gymnast.
 4. Gao Yuan Yuan: is a Chinese actress.

5. Kitty Zhang Yu Qi: is a Chinese actress. Zhang was born in Shandong province. She left Shandong at age 15 to attend acting school in Shanghai
 6. Rulu Jiang Xin: is a beautiful chinese actress, born in Xinjiang China.

7. Zhang Jing Chu: is a Chinese film actress. She graduated in Directing at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing.

8. Maggie Cheung: is a Chinese actress from Hong Kong. Raised in England, she has over 70 films to her credit since starting her career in 1983. She is the first Asian actress to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival

The reputation for beautiful girl is a frequent topic of conversation in China, especially when we find ourselves trapped with the occasional perverted taxi driver. It's a great subject for debate, but one rarely gets a circumspect opinion. Though this list may not be definitive, at least it provides us with a starting point to plan our "sightseeing"

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Sonakshi Sinha - Quick Profile-Dabangg Beauty

 Date of Birth:  June 2, 1987
    Zodiac Sign:    Gemini
    Sex:    Female
    Hair Color:  Black
    Eye Color:  Brown
    Nationality:  Indian
    Religion:   Hinduism
    Father: Shatrughan Sinha
    Mother :    Poonam Sinha
    Brother:    Luv Sinha, Kussh Sinha

 Profession-     Actress, Model

She has done one film entitled Dabanng with Salman Khan.

 Sonakshi Sinha started her career as a model, and walked the ramp at the Lakme Fashion week in 2008 and then again in Lakme Fashion week 2009.
submitted by - Sanjeev Dhiman

 Sonakshi Sinha is an Indian actress and Model.
I like to workout with someone. My yoga instructor has helped me a lot. I also prefer yoga over aerobics and play tennis at times. - Unknown
submitted by - Adline Systems

 I was determined to lose weight, so I went to the gym twice a day and had a high protein diet with no carbs. Spinning helped me tremendously. My regular fitness regime also consists of weight training. I have recently started hot yoga for toning – performing asanas in a steamed room with 40 degrees temperature. - Unknown

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