Ileana Goa Beauty-Dancing at Sea Side Showing Hot navel

Hottest and Beautiful Actress ileana dancing with the wind at the Goa SEA Side
But you never glanced at the ragged dance
On the dark and the rolling sea
Oh you set your course for the furthest shores

Oh you slipped away from the harbour side
In the morning bright and clear
And your sails were filled with the rising wind
And you laughed for all to hear
Ileana is back with TELUGU FILM JULAYI WITH ALLU ARJUN with Cute performance. 
And you never once looked back
On the dark and the rolling sea here

Of your lovers on the quay
Don't call on them when the winds rise high
And the flag you flew was a pirate cross
On a field of velvet black
And those landsmen who you but lately knew

Were left stranded on the lea
Don't call on them when the storm clouds rise
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Unbelivable Sand Sculpture at the SEA SIDE

These sand sculptures are typically made using river sand, which is a finer material when compared with beach sand and therefore more suited to being sculpted. Unlike your puny childhood attempt at sand castle glory, some of these oversized sandcastles withstand weeks of erosion before disappearing. Here are some of the finest examples of sand sculptures from around the world! - share and enjoy with your friends

Amazing Sand Sculptures-19 at River Banks-part-1

As a kid you probably enjoyed making sandcastles on the beach but did you ever think sandcastles could be so big, so elaborate or intricate? Some take it seriously, very seriously. Amateurs, artists and businesses from around the globe compete to win the prestige, prizes and press attention from their sandcastles AKA sand sculptures, the more accurate term for this peculiar endeavour. Even the corporates at companies such as eBay take a good sandcastle seriously, eBay commissioned a monster 75 tonne sand sculpture for their 10th anniversary.

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Netherlands-Fruits Festival -CORSO

 Every year on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September, a festival called "Fruit Corso (means Fruit Parade)" is held to celebrate the harvest of the Fruit of all the Villages in Tiel, Netherlands.
It includes a Parade of Cars which are decorated with Fruits. A Unique Event whereby Fruits, Vegetables and Seeds are used to make Beautiful Floats.

The Fruitcorso annually attracts the attention of more than 100.000 visitors

and is thereby one of Netherlands biggest events.

The Fruitcorso has, besides the improvement of the tourism in this area

a very important social and cultural function.


The godfathers of the Fruitcorso Tiel are Bernhard Bruggeman and Joop van Hesteren.

The first Fruitcorso took place in 1961 and nine villages in this region attended.

Soon it became a matter of honour for all the villages in the surrounding of Tiel to make a float as well.

They established Corso Associations and the designers tried really hard to make the best design.

Soon the Fruitcorso has developed itself to a big and unique event

by which the participants try to take the wind of each other’s sails.

Explanation Foundation 4-Stromenland

Foundation 4-stromenland is an organisation directed by volunteers with a relatively small board.

The different tasks are divided within the board.

It is clear that an event like the Fruitcorso cannot be organised by such a small group of people.

Therefore almost all board members have formed their own committee, who, under their responsibility, perform some tasks.

These tasks partly exist of executive activities but also of policy preparation activities which are mainly focussed on following the strategy on the medium term.

There are within the Foundation 4-Stromenland, apart from about 2.000 of floats builders, several dozens of volunteers active.


The statuary goal of the Foundation 4-Stromenland is the promotion of the tourism in the ‘Rivierengebied’ (river area) on non-profit base.

To achieve this goal, the Fruitcorso is organised annually.
The Fruitcorso has, except for this formal goal, also an important social function. There is a major involvement of the floats builders.

The board has therefore decided to keep the amount of floats the same or preferably increase it. This is also to make sure that there will be enough volunteers to organise the Fruitcorso in the future.

To guarantee the commercial basis and the financial continuity of the Fruitcorso on the long term the number of corso teams must be kept the same and the aim is to attract more visitors.

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